Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~ ** Fun & Colorful ** ~


Order from Kak Elly for her anak2 buah.
Thanks Kak Elly for trying! :)

~ ** Sweet & Fun Snack ** ~


This design is specially made for my 1st 'loyal' customer------- (drumroll)----- WAWA!!!
6pcs FREE on your 3rd order! Thanks Wawa dearie for all your supports ^_^

~ ** Birthday ** ~


Oh lousy lousy pic quality.. Sorry yeh..

This order is for Nisah's sista-Miza. Thanks for your save-the-day action Nisah! haha...
Happy Birthday Miza darling.. ~

Monday, October 19, 2009

~ ** Birthday ** ~


A very special design for Cha on her special day with 'special' delivery hehe..
Vanilla and choc cakes with apple frosting, hope u guys enjoy it! :)

~ ** Welcome Angel..** ~


Liza ordered this for Majlis Akikah of baby Nur Zafirah Zahra'.
Soooooooooo excited as lots of lots baby's decorations appear in my mind!
And this cakes will travel abroad across the state nunnnn ke Muar :)
Thanks Liza and welcome to the world Zahra'! ^_^

~ ** Love ** ~

Sara Edora order this for her beloved hubby. Chocolate cakes with strawberry frosting. Special taste of strawbery jam on hot-heart. Happy 2nd Anniversary babe and thanks for ordering! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

~ ** Fun & Colorful ** ~


 Order form Dayah for her beloved kids. With Fun & Colorful theme, I've decided to come out with something special for the kids. Choc fancy cars on sunny day. What a choice! 
I love it soo much! Thanks Dayah.
How about yours..? Pick your design now!

~ ** Sweet & Fun Snack ** ~


Wawa's cupcakes again. The remain 5 pcs left from that day..
You guys makan cupcake ni depan Ieta..?? Gosh! I hate that moment! Berdebar...~

Friday, October 9, 2009

~ ** Selamat Hari Raya ** ~


Still in Raya mood and open house invitations are still around. Raya sebulan kan..? ;)
Again, I baked for Wawa and this time with Raya theme.
Thanks babe! Selamat Hari Raya 2 u!

~ ** SoRRy ** ~


Order from orang kampung saya, Nadia.
Say SORRY to her special one.. Don't worry dear, everything will be fine. :)

Thanks for ordering! =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ ** Fun & Colorful ** ~

Choc cuppies again with colorful design for Kak Linda's kids.
This is my fav order bcoz Kak Linda request to have a different deco for her cuppies and I can use my imagination at the fullest!
Thanks Kak Linda! =)

~ ** Sweet & Fun Snack ** ~

Order for Choo. Choc cuppies with strawberry topping.
A gift to Mr Chia's family. Sweetnyee... ^_^

Thanks Choo for trying!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~ ** Sweet & Fun Snack ** ~


Carysse also ordered from me AGAIN! Oh Thanks so much babe!
Once again, my choc cuppies been chosen. She no need an extravaganza deco as the most important issue here is the taste! Right Carysse..? ^_^

~ ** Ladybirds on Green Green Grass ** ~


Aruna ordered from me 'again'. Yeay! 
This time she requested to taste my choc cuppies with Ladybird on Grass buttercream icing's deco.
For her, I made the grass as more 'freshy' then the previous one.
Which one is yours..???

Monday, October 5, 2009

~ ** Birthday ** ~

Order from Farah for her dearie sis, Ain..
Happy Birthday sweetie.. Hopefully all your wishes will come true..
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