Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~ ** Fun Snack ** ~

Vanilla buttercream cupcakes with roses deco.Thanks Dira for your order

~ ** Fun Snack ** ~

Chocolate cupcakes with roses buttercream icing.
Thanks Elyn.

~ ** Cheese Cake ** ~

Blueberry cheesecake, order from Dr. Marzuki.
p/s: Tak pernah tulis atas the blueberry jam. Text mencair nge...

~ ** Fun Snack ** ~

Chocolate oreo cupcake with chocolate butterncream icing and oreo on top.
Order from Eza jauh dari Kedah. Thanks to mama papa yg jadik kurier hantar sampai ke Alor Star.
Thanks Eza for ordering..

~ ** Fun Snack ** ~

Vanilla oreo cupcake with mocha butterncream icing.
Order from Eza jauh dari Kedah. Thanks to mama papa yg jadik kurier hantar sampai ke Alor Star..
Thanks Eza dearie for ordering.. :)

~ ** Birthday white roses ** ~

Choc oreo cuppies with strawberry buttercream for Abg Ray's birthday.

~ ** Heart -shaped Sweet Roses Birthday Cuppies ** ~

Order from Kevin to his lovely wifey..
Choc Oreo cupcakes with vanilla buttercream heart-shaped roses..

~ ** Fun Cheese Cuppies ** ~

Lovely blueberry cheese cupcakes for mom printed with kid's name..
Now come with super cute cups too.. :)

~ ** Mother's Day Cupcakes ** ~

Chocolatge cupcake with roses buttercreame icing deco and green grass's coconut flakes.
Order jauh nun from Russia. Tanda ingatan buat ibu tercinta.. 
Thanks dear for ordering.. :)

~ ** Mother's Day Cupcakes ** ~

Chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing full with roses deco.
Special gift from Edy for her beloved mother.. ^_^

~ ** Mother's Day Cupcakes ** ~

It's a vanilla and chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing with coconut flakes grass's decorations.
Bulk order from Alice for Mother's Day Charity celebration.. 
Thanks Alice dearie =)

~ ** Minnie's Birthday Cake ** ~

Minnie Mouse cake for my princess, Sofiya on her 4th birthday.. ^_^
It's moist chocolate cake with strawberry icing. With Minnie's edible image and surrounded with short finger's strawberry biscuits around.

~ ** Mickey & Minnie's Birthday Cuppies ~** ~

Special Mickey & Minnie Mouse cuppies for my Sofiya's birthday celebration... 
Chocolate oreo and vanilla oreo with colorful buttercream icing with sticker's decoration on top.
Mama hope you likes it dear... :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apples Bakery in SAJI May 2010

Apples Bakery & Apples Catering in SAJI - May 2010.
Keluaran istimewa Hari Ibu.

Check it out kawan2.. ^_^

Choc Ladybird on green green grass~

Chocolate mini cuppies with choc ladybirds and short love letter's deco.
Thanks Openg for reorder :)

Sweet Princess~

Choc Oreo regular cuppies with Sweet Princess decoration.
Thanks Pae's fren (sorry nama tak ingat dah :P )

Sketching Cheese Cake~

1kg Cheese Cake with picture sketching on top.
Surrounded by lil green cherries and blueberry jam all around.

Thanks Adila for ordering :)
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