Tuesday, December 1, 2009

~ ** Twicuppies ** ~

Twilighters Malaysia New Moon Unofficial Mini Premier

Yes! I'm one of Twilight fanatic-fan haha...!

So untuk menyatakan sokongan yang tidak berbelah bahagi, I've decided to take part on the NM Premier show last Wednesday and telah mensponsored about 280pcs of TWILIGHT cuppies that I SPECIALLY made for this event!

I've decided to wrap the container with black and red ribbons so it will become moreeee twicuppies haha.. And guess what, those Twilighters pandai2 je assumed that Red ribbon is mean for Team Edward while the Black Ribbon is for Team Jacob. Hahahaha..! You guys are soo creative! Ekekeke....

 They MUST be in RED and BLACK color coz this the TWILIGHT color ma.. haha.. Takkan tiba2 kuning telur or hijau pucuk pisang lak kan hehe..

So my cuppies ditaruk dalam goodie bag yg best inih!
Each Twilighters will get one! How nice!!

See, selaku sponsor, nama http://applecuppies.blogspot.com was printed on it too! ^_^

And was printed on the tickets as well! :)

So buat Apples Bakery followers yg pegi event hari tu, hows the cuppies..? Hopefully you guys satisfied.
Hopefully I can take part on Eclipse premier show on June next year! InsyaAllah :)


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